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Practice Areas



D&M has domestic and foreign experience in all aspects of patent law.  D&M can assist your business with patent filings and prosecution,  including Patent Cooperation Treaty filings, patent enforcement and litigation, evaluation of ideas, patentability and right-to-use opinions, expert reports and expert testimony. 





D&M has expertise in all aspects of trademark law, including preparation, filing and prosecution of trademark applications in state, federal and international venues.  D&M can provide guidance to your business in the selection, clearance and enforcement of trademarks, including trademark infringement litigation, as well as guidance regarding opposition, cancellation and other proceedings before the U.S. Trademark Trial & Appeals Board.  




D&M is proficient in all aspects of copyright law.  D&M can provide guidance to your business involving copyright registrations, marking, fair use determinations, copyright infringement analyses and copyright enforcement and litigation.  


D&M is experienced in all aspects of trade secret law, including preparation and evaluation of confidentiality agreements, and  trade secret enforcement proceedings, including litigation. 



D&M prepares and evaluates agreements related to intellectual property, including  confidentiality, license, development and other agreements having intellectual property provisions. 

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